District 9 Ooltewah Harrison Education Fund

Our mission is to enrich the educational and developmental opportunities for the Ooltewah-Harrison elementary public school students by implementing and uniting fundraising efforts.


District 9 “D9” Ooltewah Harrison Education Fund has been committed to providing all the elementary, middle, and high schools within the district with enough funding to meet all of their needs. We work to help our schools in the following ways:

  • Funding to Schools within the District

  • Financial assistance to ensure the best education and development opportunities

  • Facilitate grants, fundraisers, sponsorships, community memberships, and donations

  • Collaborate closely with elected officials, community leaders and business owners

  • Spread awareness and unify efforts for improving public education

  • Cultivate economic growth within the area by improving the school system


Join D9 in Our Mission!


Harrison Elementary


Ooltewah Elementary

Snow Hill Elementary



Wallace A. Smith Elementary

Wolftever Creek Elementary



Brown Middle School


Hunter Middle School


Ooltewah Middle School

Central High School

Hamilton County High School

Ooltewah High School